Are there any procedures before visiting Japan?
Mandatory procedures:
1. Transference notification
2. National Health Insurance
3. Bank account
4. Change of visa status or extension of staying period
Do I need to open my bank account in Japan?
Yes. Dormitory and meal fee in Kaga Dormitory will be bank withdrawal. Plus, it is needed for salary payment for part time job in Japan.
Can foreign students live in dormitory?
All foreign students can apply for Kaga dormitory, however, Otsuma Support will introduce apartment or student union for the students when the dorm is full.
How do I pay for dormitory/meal fee?
Please pay by credit transfer on 27th every month. Meal fee will depend on the number of days of the month. Daily fee is 650JPY (BF: 250JPY, DN: 400JPY) and only BF on Sundays. Application and reservations in advance is needed for long holiday season (Aug, Sep, Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar.)
What kind of furniture are there in dorm room?
WC, bed, sink, desk, book self, closet, shoe closet, balcony, TV antenna, plugs, kitchen, and refrigerator (for 6 people share room)
※Rentals for TV, fabrics, etc. (extra cost)
Can I do internet in dormitory?
Internet is available by designated internet providers by dormitory.
Is there a phone in dorm room?
No phones in dorm room. Most of the students use mobile phones.
Does dorm room accommodate WC and shower room?
WC is in each room but shower room is in public facility.
Is there any curfew in dormitory?
Until 23 o’clock.
Can foreign students apply for the insurance?
It is mandatory to apply for national health insurance for those who stay more than 3 months in Japan.
Can foreign students have a part time job?
Application for permission for extra activities besides qualifications in case of staying by “Studying in abroad” visa. Please confirm permission stamp on back of your residence card.
Are there any procedures before leaving Japan?
The followings are main contents. Please check by your own.
1. To finish leaving procedure from Otsuma Kaga dormitory.
2. To finish the contract for mobile phone and internet.
3. To finish the contract for credit card made in Japan.
4. To close the bank account after checking no more dealings.
5. To submit “moving out notice” to local ward office.
6. To return national health insurance card to local ward office and settle expenses.
7. To return books borrowed by library.
8. Institution Withdrawal by Immigration Bureau Electronic Submission System.
9. To return residence card to immigration bureau at the airport.