Qualifications for admissions

The person who can enter is; who acquires the residence qualification of “studying abroad” to possess the nationality besides Japan, come under one of them in the following each number, reach 18 years old by March 31 of this fiscal year and be set as “leaving and entering management and victim certification scheme” at the time of entrance.
(1) Those who completed 12 years curriculum in school in abroad
(2) Those who hold entrance qualification for university in abroad
(3) Those who are admitted as the same level or more as high school graduators by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Application requirements

Women who meet the above<qualifications for admissions> and meet all the following criterias.
(1) Those who can get a ‘college student’ or other suitable visa by Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
(2) Those who can speak enough Japanese to deal with daily life and lectures after entrance.
(3) Those who have a residence in Japan and who are able to live their own financially. Those who have personal reference that can be responsible for all the relative affairs to the student and their tuition.
◇For those who request for Application requirements review, please contact Admission Office Application Group (Chiyoda)(℡ 03-5275-0404)


1.Decision on acceptance or rejection will be based on screening of documents submitted by the applicant and interviews.
2.Interview is to be conducted by plural interviewers by one on one.
3.There are departments/majors where exempt screening documents or essays by submission of the proof of Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted by our designated institutions, or the score of TOEFL® (iBT, PBT), TOEIC®L&R. Please contact Admission Office Application Group(Chiyoda)(℡ 03-5275-0404)for more details.
Please refer to a homepage for more details.
University・Junior college
Master’s course
Doctoral latter period course