Course classification Subject name Credit Days and time
Compulsory Advanced Japanese A 1 Mon/4th period
Advanced Japanese B Thu/4th period
Classic Japanese Grammar Mon/5th period
General Japanese A:Grammar2 Tue/3rd period
General Japanese B:Conversation Wed/5th period
General Japanese C:Understanding of Japanese Wed/4th period
General Japanese D:Subscription of Japanese Tue/4th period
Selective compulsory Japanese literature(Modern, Contemporary) 2 Mon/2nd period
Japanese and Japanese culture Tue/2nd period
Japanese women and work Wed/2nd period
Japan of the world Thu/2nd period
Japanese culture watch by movies Fri/2nd period
Selective Japanese 1:Listening 1 Mon/3rd period
Japanese 2:Speaking Mon/4th period
Japanese 3:Reading Thu/3rd period
Japanese 4:Writing Thu/4th period